EUROPEANROSCLUB (ERC) is a non-profit association created in 2010, is legally constituted and registered in the National Registry of Associations with number 602842.

EUROPEANROSCLUB (ERC) is the first Spanish association in DIGITAL MODES. We are also recognized and registered as an Amateur Radio Association in the Spanish Registry of the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Information Society with number 280 and EA5RKE call.

EA5RKE is a collective partner of the SPANISH RADIO AMATEUR UNION (URE).

EUROPEANROSCLUB (ERC) We want the group to be always active and for that, we need the collaboration of all the partners, contributing ideas or sending any information that you believe may be interesting for everyone.

EUROPEANROSCLUB (ERC) We work both Phone and Digital modes.

This group was founded 11/08/2010 by Manolo Sanchez – EB5AG.

ultimateAAC: For any technical request, please send an email to Heinz Urban (Designer and developer of the amazing UAAC Award software) ->​




EB5AG – Manolo

Vice President

EA4DCU – Enrique

Secretary and Webmaster

EA5AJB – Francisco

ultimateAAC Award Manager

EB5AG – Manolo

Members Manager and ultimateAAC Award Manager

EA5DV – Juanma

Award Design

EA8IM – Toño

ultimateAAC Award Manager and ERC activities

EA4D – Óscar

ultimateAAC Award Manager

EA5WO – Pascual